What is the Best Sidearm Disc Golf Driver?

I love disc golf, and I throw a driver sidearm. These are the sidearm drivers that I have found to be the best for beginners and intermediate players, and I hope you will find this list useful. If you know how to choose a disc and just want the list, scroll down. Otherwise, keep reading!

Choosing the Best Sidearm Disc Golf Driver

If you throw a disc golf driver sidearm, a few key factors need to be considered when choosing which driver is best for you.

  1. Is the speed of the driver the same as you are capable of throwing?
  2. How stable is it?

The biggest mistake I see beginners making is buying a max speed driver because they think this will get the most distance. However, if they don’t have the form or power to throw it that far, then that disc will be a huge waste.

The second biggest mistake in not understanding the stability of the disc, which comes from the last 2 numbers. Understanding the flight ratings on a disc will help you choose the best disc.

What do the Flight Ratings Mean?

The flight ratings on a disc are speed / glide / turn / fade. Let’s look at a Destroyer as an example.

Innova DestroyerThe flight ratings for the destroyer are 12/5/-1/3. This means the disc has a very high speed of 12, high glide at 5, minimal turn at -1, and moderate fade of 3.

Speed is how fast the disc cuts through the air, on a scale of 1-13. Another way to view it could be a power rating. So the destroyer has a very high speed of 12. If you wouldn’t rate your arm with a power level of 12, avoid the destroyer right off the bat.

Glide is how much the disc will float or glide through the air, on a scale of 1-5. Destroyer has a great glide of 5. Most drivers have either 4 or 5 so this can usually be ignored.

Turn is how much the disc will glide to the right early on if thrown backhand, but since this article is about forehand throws, it will refer to glide to the left. More negative turn makes a disc understable. The destroyer has minimal turn at -1.

Fade is how far a disc will hook to the left for normal throws, but again, for forehand throws, this is flipped to mean hook to the right. More fade makes a disc overstable. The Destroyer has moderate fade at 3.

To summarize, you should look for a driver with a speed matching your arm power, and a fade/turn combination that is slightly heavier on fade for drivers, making it overstable. This prevents the disc from turning over the wrong way and rolling. Now, here are my recommended drivers for sidearm players. I will include the flight ratings and a description so you can make the best decision with your new knowledge!

Best Sidearm Disc Golf Drivers for Beginners

TBInnova TeeBird


The Innova Teebird is my number one recommended sidearm driver for players of all skill levels, and especially beginners. It has 7 speed and 5 glide, which is enough for most teeboxes you will throw off of, and has no turn and 2 fade, making it very consistent. If thrown level, it will always go ~300ft and about 50ft to the right of where you aim, making it incredibly consistent. Other discs with more turn will flop over right off the teebox, and more fade makes it harder to control for beginners. Great, versatile disc. My favorite driver to this day.

beastInnova Beast


Although the Beast is stable and not overstable, the high speed and small turn will help beginners get more distance out of it. I reccomend getting this in Innova’s Champion plastic – it is more durable and will extend the life and flight pattern of the disc.

VoltMVP Volt


The MVP Volt is similar to the TeeBird – moderate speed and high glide, with minimal turn and fade for increased accuracy. MVP makes beautiful discs, and this is no exception.

Best Sidearm Drivers for Advanced Players



Innova Destroyer


The Destroyer is one of the most popular drivers in the world. It’s high speed of 12 makes it harder to master, but once you get the technique and arm strength down I highly recommenced using the Destroyer.

AvengerDiscraft Avenger


With Similar number to the destroyer, the Avenger is a powerful disc to have. Thrown level it will have a moderate hook, and thrown at an upwards angle the disc will have a nice S-Curve for extra distance.

BossInnova Boss


The Boss was the first 13 speed driver on the market, and remains incredibly popular to this day. while it is not recommended for beginners, the lightweight blizzard plastic version of the Boss holds the world record at 836 feet.

nukeDiscraft Nuke


The Nuke has identical ratings to the Boss, and as such flies similarly. Many more intermediate players believe they can throw the disc farther than a boss, and it is one of Discraft’s most popular discs. If you have the arm for it, this will provide maximum distance.