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17 Best Games Like Apples to Apples

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Looking for the best game like Apples to Apples? Dive into a world where laughter, wit, and quick thinking reign supreme.

There exists a treasure trove of games that promise uproarious fun and engaging play. These gems, each with its unique twist, offer more than just a passing resemblance to our favorite comparison card game.

Whether you’re in search of strategic hilarity or spontaneous chuckles, this list showcases the best games that share the spirit and charm of Apples to Apples.

Ready to discover your next game night favorite? Let’s delve in!

Best Games Like Apples to Apples


1. Joking Hazard

Age: 18+
Players: 3 to 10
Est. Time: 30 to 90 minutes

Unleash your dark humor with Joking Hazard.

Delve into a world where comic panels dictate your comedic prowess. This game amplifies the Apples to Apples concept with a risqué, mature twist, relying on players to complete three-panel comics from their hand, leading to unpredictable and often uproarious outcomes.

The unique, illustrated cards ensure every comic tale is distinctly twisted, guaranteeing endless laughter. While the edginess may not be for the faint-hearted, its humor remains captivating for mature audiences.


2. Say Anything

Age: 13+
Players: 4 to 8

Venture into the realm of personal opinions with Say Anything.

Step into a world where your beliefs, quirks, and whims matter most. Say Anything elevates the familiar Apples to Apples formula by inviting players to answer open-ended questions in their unique way, then predict which answers will be favored.

The distinctive, player-generated responses ensure that every game session is an exclusive journey into participants’ minds. While the game’s essence is lighthearted, the strategy of predicting friends’ preferences adds depth.


3. Master Dater

Age: 14+
Players: 3 to 6
Est. Time: 20+ minutes

Embark on romantic escapades with Master Dater.

Venture into a universe of witty banter, flirty comments, and hilarious dating scenarios. Master Dater takes the Apples to Apples blueprint and sprinkles in some dating drama, where players match responses to bizarre date scenarios, seeking to woo the judge of the round.

Its unique, date-night-themed prompts ensure every match is a rollercoaster of laughter and matchmaking. The essence of the game is breezy and cheeky, while retaining that competitive edge.

Imagine Apples to Apples, but in the unpredictable world of dating.


4. What Do You Meme?

Age: 17+
Players: 3 to 20
Est. Time: 30 to 90 minutes

Step into a realm where memes reign supreme and humor is as fleeting as internet trends. What Do You Meme boosts the Apples to Apples format with iconic, often hilarious visual prompts, challenging players to match them with the funniest captions.

The game’s unique, meme-centric photos ensure an ever-evolving comedic landscape. While rooted in digital culture, the game’s appeal stretches far beyond the online realm.

Think Cards Against Humanity with a digital-age twist. Meme newcomers might need a moment to adjust, but the laughter is contagiously modern.


5. Not Parent Approved

Age: 8+
Players: 3 to 10

Plunge into a world of youthful mischief with Not Parent Approved.

Embark on a journey where playful rebellions and childlike humor shape the narrative. Not Parent Approved amplifies the Apples to Apples style, catering specifically to the younger generation, merging laugh-out-loud scenarios with kid-friendly, yet slightly rebellious answers.

Its distinctive, tween-centric cards ensure a refreshing twist on the classic format, promising chuckles and eye rolls. Though devised for kids, it echoes the essence of edgy adult party games, but with childhood innocence.


6. Dixit

Age: 8+
Players: 3 to 8
Est. Time: 30 minutes

Journey through a realm where vivid illustrations and interpretative storytelling meld into one harmonious experience. Dixit redefines the Apples to Apples dynamic, inviting players to use abstract art cards to weave tales or express sentiments, challenging others to match or decipher them.

The game’s enchanting, evocative imagery ensures that no two tales or interpretations are ever the same. Despite its ethereal aesthetics, the core gameplay remains delightfully accessible to storytelling enthusiasts.


7. Poetry for Neanderthals

Age: 7+
Players: 2+

Step into the simplistic brilliance of Poetry for Neanderthals.

Embark on a linguistic adventure where expression is limited to single syllables, pushing players to convey complex ideas in the most basic terms.

Poetry for Neanderthals challenges participants to communicate and guess concepts while confined by linguistic simplicity.

Its distinct wordplay mechanic ensures each poetic attempt is a blend of creativity and hilarity. While its premise is deceptively simple, the challenge and fun are unparalleled.


8. Cards Against Humanity

Age: 17+
Players: 4+
Est. Time: 60+ minutes

Dive into a realm where wit, shock, and unapologetic humor collide. Cards Against Humanity amplifies the Apples to Apples framework, bringing mature and often irreverent card matches to the table.

Its distinct, edgy prompts and answers ensure each round teeters between hilarity and astonishment, making no two games ever truly alike. While it may be audacious in content, its core gameplay remains delightfully simple.

It’s Dixit minus the abstract innocence. First-timers might be taken aback by its boldness, but it’s a comedic journey you won’t forget.


9. Scattergories 

Age: 13+
Players: 2 to 4 teams

Embark on a cerebral voyage where wit and quick thinking reign supreme. Scattergories enhances the word game paradigm, challenging players to brainstorm items fitting a category, all beginning with a designated letter.

Its distinct time constraint and categorical prompts ensure a frenzied and engaging experience, demanding both creativity and agility. While the pressure builds with every tick of the timer, the game’s essence remains both challenging and fun.


10. Exploding Kittens

Age: 7+
Players: 2 to 5
Est. Time: 15 minutes

Embark on a journey where feline antics and strategic gameplay converge in explosive moments. Exploding Kittens revitalizes the card game scene, blending luck, strategy, and hilariously unpredictable cat-themed cards.

The game’s signature ‘exploding kitten’ cards add a thrilling twist, ensuring that every draw could be your last. While tinged with zany humor, its strategic depth is undeniable.

Think Russian Roulette meets a comic strip.


11. Rotten Apples

Age: 17+
Players: 2 to 10
Est. Time: 30 minutes

Plunge into the sassy humor of Rotten Apples.

Step into a world where cheeky prompts and audacious answers intertwine, creating rounds filled with laughter and surprise. Rotten Apples amplifies the familiar Apples to Apples setup, adding a mature, risqué twist for those seeking a bit more spice.

Its unique card pairings guarantee that every game is flavored with unpredictability and cheek. While the tone may be more daring, its mechanics remain comfortably familiar.

It’s essentially Cards Against Humanity with a slightly softer edge.


12. The Game of Wolf

Age: 14+
Players: 4 to 12
Est. Time: 30 to 45 minutes

Venture into the cunning world of The Game of Wolf.

Delve into a realm where trivia meets strategy, and every decision can make or break your pack. This game refines the quiz genre by blending in teamwork and the thrill of solo challenges.

Distinct “Wolf” mechanics compel players to weigh the risks of going it alone or summoning the strength of the pack. While it beckons with competitive allure, its foundation is solidly in cooperative strategy.


13. Taboo

Age: 13+
Players: 4+

Immerse yourself in a game where vocabulary and quick wit intertwine, challenging players to describe words without using the most obvious clues. Taboo pushes the boundaries of verbal creativity, making every turn a delightful puzzle to decipher.

Its signature buzzer adds an electrifying twist, ensuring every moment is fraught with tension and laughter. While the premise is simple, mastering it requires linguistic finesse.

Think Charades but with vocal restrictions. First-time players might stumble on forbidden words, but the joy of outwitting opponents keeps everyone engaged.


14. Freedom of Speech

Age: 4+
Players: 4+
Est. Time: 20 to 40 minutes

Embark on a journey of words with Freedom of Speech.

Delve deep into a game where rapid responses meet playful prohibitions. Elevating the age-old fun of word games, Freedom of Speech challenges participants to articulate descriptions under time’s tight grip, all while avoiding specific forbidden phrases.

The signature timer adds a tantalizing rush, making every second precious and priceless. Don’t let its simplicity deceive you; linguistic agility is the key to victory.

It’s akin to playing Apples to Apples, yet with a twist on word restrictions.


15. Taco vs Burrito

Age: 6+
Players: 2 to 4
Est. Time: 15 minutes

Venture into the flavorful face-off of Taco vs Burrito.

Embark on a culinary clash where strategy and surprise ingredients intertwine. This game spices up traditional card games by challenging players to create the ultimate dish, all while countering opponents with unexpected add-ons.

Distinct action cards introduce playful unpredictability, guaranteeing that no two meals – or games – are ever the same. Don’t be fooled by its light-hearted theme, tactical thinking is essential to out-cook competitors.


16. Midnight Outburst

Age: 17+
Players: 2 teams

Delve deep into a realm where quick wits and nocturnal knowledge reign supreme. Midnight Outburst amplifies the traditional party game mechanics, infusing them with night-themed prompts that test how well you know the darker side of pop culture.

Its distinctive, color-coded cards introduce a fresh twist, ensuring a constant stream of laughter-filled moments. While it’s bathed in moonlight mysteries, the core gameplay remains familiar to Apples to Apples aficionados.


17. Bad Choices

Age: 15+
Players: 3+
Est. Time: 30+ minutes

Step into the delightful dilemmas of Bad Choices.

Embark on a journey where life’s questionable decisions are at the forefront. This game amplifies the conventional card game mechanics by blending humor with real-world, relatable predicaments.

Its unique, vibrantly illustrated cards offer a fresh spin, ensuring each round is filled with laughter and playful judgments. While the name might suggest recklessness, the essence remains in tune with Apples to Apples fans, offering cheeky comparisons and hilarious outcomes.

Imagine playing your cherished association game, but with life’s missteps as the star.

Final Thoughts: Best Games Like Apples to Apples

The world of party games is vast and vibrant, and for those looking for the best games like Apples to Apples there is absolutely an option out there.

While all are exceptional in their own right, Joking Hazard steals the top spot for its edgy humor, closely followed by the whimsical Say Anything and the intriguing dynamics of Master Dater.

Each game promises memorable nights filled with laughter and bonding. So next time you’re looking to refresh game night, these contenders are worthy additions.

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