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20 Games Like Trivial Pursuit

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Looking for the best games like Trivial Pursuit?

While Trivial Pursuit might be the legendary titan in the trivia board game realm, there’s a vast universe of challenges awaiting those hungry for knowledge and fun.

From contemporary twists on the classic formula to entirely novel takes on the genre, these games promise to test your wits, spark laughter, and create unforgettable memories.

Dive in as we explore games like Trivial Pursuit, perfect for those evenings when you want to showcase your mastery over minutiae. Let the brainy battles begin!

Best Games Like Trivial Pursuit


1. Cranium

Age: 16+
Players: 4
Est. Time: 35 minutes

Unleash creativity with Cranium.

Step into a world where trivia meets charades, sketching, and clay molding. Cranium elevates the conventional quiz game by challenging various intelligences and talents.

Its distinct card categories – Word Worm, Star Performer, Data Head, and Creative Cat – ensure diverse gameplay, catering to both artists and intellectuals alike.

The inclusion of clay sculpting and humming tunes introduces unparalleled dynamism, making every round unpredictable. While its unique mechanics might surprise traditional trivia lovers, the essence of group fun remains intact.


2. I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid

Age: 14+
Players: 4+

Test your wits with I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid.

Embark on a journey where your knowledge and intuition are playfully challenged. This game propels trivia into a realm where answers aren’t black and white, but rather an exploration of your best guess, weaving wit with calculated estimates.

Its distinctive questions, such as How long is a jiffy? or How many pizzas are consumed in the U.S. each second?, add a unique flavor, ensuring each round is fresh and unpredictable. While its unconventional approach might stump seasoned trivia buffs, the playful premise keeps the laughter rolling.


3. Color Brain

Age: 12+
Players: 2 to 20

Ignite your senses with Color Brain.

Step into a vibrant world where color reigns supreme. This game reimagines trivia by focusing solely on colors, elevating the standard question-answer format into a vivid spectrum of hues. Questions like “What color are the stars on the American flag?” may seem straightforward but can spark lively debate.

The game’s unique color cards introduce a delightful twist, making each round an enthralling blend of memory and perception. While its chromatic challenge may perplex the uninitiated, the essence of camaraderie shines through.


4. Wit’s End

Age: 16+
Players: 2 to 6 (players OR teams)

Plunge into a world where knowledge is both the challenge and the reward. Wit’s End intensifies the traditional trivia experience, drawing on a deeper level of critical thinking and diverse subject realms, from science to art.

Its unique board of ever-narrowing tiers serves as a cerebral gauntlet, ensuring each move is a test of wits. Don’t be intimidated by its daunting depth; the game’s essence remains rooted in intellectual camaraderie.

Think Jeopardy with a board game twist. First-time thinkers might need a round to acclimate, but it’s a cognitive journey worth embarking upon.


5. …I should have known that!

Age: 14+
Players: 2+

Embark on the voyage of “I should have known that!”

Step into a realm where common knowledge is both your ally and adversary. This game amplifies the classic trivia experience, shedding light on those glaring facts you think you know, but might just second-guess at the last moment.

Its unique cards, filled with tidbits like “Is the unicorn the national animal of Scotland?”, challenge your everyday knowledge, ensuring every answer brings an “Aha!” or “Oops!” moment.

While it feels familiar, the game uniquely tests the overlooked facts.


6. The Chameleon

Age: 14+
Players: 3 to 8
Est. Time: 15+ minutes

Step into the intriguing world of The Chameleon.

Venture into a landscape where deception mingles with sharp observation. This game magnifies the essence of bluffing, merging quick thinking with covert communication.

Its unique word grid and dice system dictate the secret word everyone knows—except for the Chameleon, who must blend in without being caught. This element of subterfuge adds an unparalleled layer of suspense, ensuring every game session is rife with calculated guesswork and sly exchanges.

While its mechanics are innovative, the heart of the game pulses with social interaction. Think Trivial Pursuit, but with an undercover twist.


7. Blockbuster

Age: 12+
Players: 2 to 4

Roll the credits on Blockbuster.

Step onto the set of a world where movie knowledge takes center stage. This game catapults the classic trivia genre into the cinematic universe, blending quick-fire guessing with charades-like enactments.

Its distinctive VHS packaging and movie category cards echo a bygone era, ensuring a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Don’t be fooled by its retro vibe, Blockbuster is packed with both classic and contemporary film references.


8. Half Truth

Age: 12+
Players: 6

Navigate a realm where fact meets fiction, and discernment is your greatest asset. Hlaf Truth amplifies traditional trivia by presenting players with three truths and three lies, compelling you to sift through semi-truths to emerge victorious.

The brainchild of game designer Richard Garfield and Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings, Half Truth ensures no two challenges are the same, blending knowledge with strategy. Think Balderdash with a factual twist.


9. The Magical World of Disney Trivia

Age: 6+
Players: 2 to 6

Embark on a journey with The Magical World of Disney Trivia.

Dive into a kingdom where enchantment and knowledge intertwine. This game transports players to Disney’s whimsical realms, merging classic trivia with the magic of beloved tales and characters.

Its distinctive, color-coded categories encompass everything from animated classics to theme park attractions, ensuring a nostalgic and varied experience. Don’t be shy of its fairy-tale façade, the depth of questions offers challenge to both young fans and seasoned Disney aficionados.


10. Trivial Pursuit Mini Packs Multipack

Age: 16+
Players: 2+

Discover the diversity with Trivial Pursuit Mini Packs Multipack.

Venture into a galaxy of trivia where every topic is a new world waiting to be explored. This edition revitalizes the iconic Trivial Pursuit experience by offering a compilation of mini packs, each honing in on specialized subjects and unique themes.

The individualized trivia sets inject a fresh flavor, ensuring a tailored trivia challenge every time. Don’t be overwhelmed by its vast array; the essence remains true to the classic Trivial Pursuit spirit.

It’s like playing the legendary game, but with a customizable journey.


11. Smart Ass

Age: 12+
Players: 2 to 6

Plunge into the fast-paced realm of Smart Ass.

Embark on a trivia journey where speed and wit reign supreme. This game redefines traditional trivia dynamics, allowing players to shout out answers even when it’s not their turn, promoting a free-for-all environment filled with spontaneous bursts of knowledge.

Its unique “Who, What, and Where Am I?” cards add an intriguing layer of riddles, ensuring every round feels distinct and engaging.


12. Scout It Out

Age: 7+
Players: 3 to 6
Est. Time: X

Step into a world where observation and strategic movement pave the way for victory.

Scout It Out enhances traditional board experiences, taking players on a thrilling adventure of scouting, locating, and connecting paths for dominance.

Its distinct, rotating tiles introduce a dynamic gameplay, ensuring that each match unfolds in a novel pattern. Don’t be taken aback by its labyrinthine layout; the fundamental principles remain intuitive for all players.

It’s like navigating a maze, but with intricate twists and turns at every corner.


13. Letterpool 

Age: 14+
Players: 2 to 6
Est. Time: 10 to 20 minutes

Dive into the lexicon lagoon with Letterpool.

Embark on a cerebral voyage where words become the stepping stones to success. This game heightens the classic word formation challenge to panoramic proportions, intertwining vocabulary prowess with strategic positioning.

Its distinctive, ever-evolving letter grid offers a fresh twist, ensuring no two word battles are identical. While the board may seem like a sea of letters, its rules remain clear-cut for all word enthusiasts.


14. Pointless

Age: 12+
Players: 2 to 5

Embark on an intellectual adventure where the most obscure answers reign supreme. Pointless flips the script on classic trivia, aiming to test your knowledge of the lesser-known. Pointless challenges players not with the obvious, but with the overlooked.

Its unique scoring system, where fewer points indicate a deeper understanding, adds a refreshing twist, guaranteeing every round is a new puzzle. Fear not its unconventional approach, it remains rooted in the fondness for trivia.


15. Outsmarted

Age: 8+
Players: 2 to 24

Step into the modern age of trivia with Outsmarted.

Embark on a journey where technology enhances your trivia experience. This game brings the classic question-answer model into the digital age, blending traditional gameplay with app integration for real-time interaction.

Its dynamic virtual host, with varied questions and changing challenges, ensures every session feels new. Do not shy away from its tech-savvy interface, the intuitive design welcomes both tech enthusiasts and trivia purists alike.

It’s like engaging in a familiar trivia night, but with a digital twist – plus you can play it with 8 people!


16. Off Topic

Age: 12+
Players: 2 to 8
Est. Time: 30 to 90 minutes

Embark on a conversational voyage with Off Topic.

Venture into a realm where wit and creativity lead the way. Off Topic rejuvenates classic trivia by challenging players to think outside the box, blending playful banter with unpredictable answers.

The distinctive topic cards and timer introduce a refreshing unpredictability, ensuring every conversation takes a unique turn. Fear not the uncharted terrains of absurd responses; its core is rooted in lighthearted camaraderie.

Think Cards Against Humanity minus the edginess. Newcomers might require a moment to acclimate, but it’s a playful journey worth undertaking.


17. Word Wipeout

Age: 18+
Players: 2 to 6

Embark on a journey where vocabulary and quick thinking reign supreme. Word Wipeout transforms the classic trivia dynamic, fusing word challenges with time-pressured decisions.

Its innovative timer and letter cards introduce a thrilling layer of unpredictability, ensuring every round offers new lexical challenges. Don’t shy away from its verbal vortex; the core principles are intuitive for word game aficionados.

It’s essentially Scrabble with a ticking clock element.


18. Mind The Gap

Age: 10+
Players: 2 to 20

Embark on a journey across the iconic London Underground with Mind The Gap.

Navigate the intricate web of tube lines and stations that have been the lifeline of London for over a century. This game propels the traditional trivia format into the bustling heart of the British capital, intertwining history with strategic navigation.

Its unique station cards and line challenges infuse authenticity, guaranteeing no two expeditions are the same. While the backdrop is metropolitan, the core gameplay is intuitive for trivia lovers.

Consider it Ticket to Ride set within London’s subterranean world. First-time commuters might need a trip or two to master, but it’s a transit worth taking.


19. Brilliant or BS?

Age: 14+
Players: 4 to 6

Navigate the intriguing realm of bluff and wit with Brilliant or BS.

Venture into a world where trivia meets poker face, as players not only test their knowledge but their ability to deceive. Elevating the standard trivia challenge, this game merges fact-finding with cunning strategy.

Its unique bluffing mechanism offers a refreshing spin, assuring every session is filled with suspense and surprises. While the game hinges on intellect, the challenge is equally about reading your opponents.

It’s akin to playing your favorite quiz game but with a layer of psychological intrigue.


20. Death by Captions

Age: 17+
Players: 3 to 12

Step into the riotous realm of Death by Captions.

Delve deep into a world where wit clashes with imagery, a thrilling fusion that makes every round unpredictable. This game takes the classic trivia concept and injects a dash of humor and creativity, urging players to craft the most hilarious or outrageous captions for given pictures.

The distinct, ever-changing visuals offer fresh challenges, ensuring no two games are identical. While the comedic components might seem daunting, the core idea is intuitive to trivia lovers.

Picture Cards Against Humanity, but with a more visual twist – comparable to What Do You Meme?

Final Thoughts: Games Like Trivial Pursuit

In the grand tapestry of trivia games, while Trivial Pursuit remains an iconic choice, diversifying our board game nights brings a fresh zest of challenge and hilarity.

From the multifaceted brilliance of Cranium to the playful jests in I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid, there’s no shortage of ways to test our wits and tickle our funny bones. These are but a few gems in a treasure trove of knowledge-based games.

May your next game night be filled with laughter, friendly rivalries, and those delightful “aha!” moments.

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